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Learn how to read and write in Armenian. That's what this section of Hye Etch is all about. To give the Hye Etch visitor the opportunity to learn this beautiful and ancient language of ours. There are many people out there who never had the chance to learn the Armenian language due to various circumstances. There are many who know how to speak Armenian, but do not know how to read or write in Armenian and are willing to learn if they had the chance.

The main aim of this section is to introduce the visitor to the Armenian alphabet. To give them the chance to learn how to read and write in Armenian. The lessons are targeted towards individuals who are literate in the English language and wish to learn Western Armenian. Thoughtfully planned and designed tutorials will give the student the opportunity to accomplish the above mentioned at their own pace, without any pressure.

Credits and Acknowledgments

This project has been one of the most demanding tasks I had to undertake. The idea of the lessons started due to popular demand (early 2002) by Hye Etch visitors. Since then only a hand full of people have offered to help with this mammoth task. These people deserve all the thanks in the world for their true Armenian spirit.

  • Armenag and Houry Yeghiayan and their daughter Heghnar Yeghiayan (from Lebanon) for their generous donation of the "Dziadzan" Armenian language text & grammar books.

  • Edith Ananian Fisher (from Australia) for helping with the lessons and writing the article entitled "The Armenian Alphabet, St Mesrop Mashtots (361-440AD)" which is published within.

  • Khatchik Mazlemian (from the Netherlands) for researching and compiling the online Armenian word dictionary.

  • Shogher Markarian (from the US) for researching and compiling the online Armenian short sentences.
Finally, thanks to all who purchased the Armenian Alphabet Poster. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

If you wishes to support 'Hye Etch' and would like to purchase the Armenian Alphabet Poster, please click 

John Semerdjian
Webmaster & Creator of 'Hye Etch'


'Hye Etch' is proud to be the world's first and only Armenian web site to offer a comprehensive, well-researched and implemented Western Armenian lessons on the Internet. The following is a list of the contents of the 'Learn Armenian' section of 'Hye Etch'.

  • A brief history - The Armenian Alphabet, St Mesrop Mashtots (361-440AD).
  • Basic comparison between the Armenian and English alphabet.
  • Introduction to the Armenian Alphabet (Vowels and consonants).
  • Learning the Armenian alphabet (with character sounds and descriptions).
  • Compound Letters (Diphthongs).
  • Punctuation (with detailed descriptions and examples)
  • Step-by-step instructions and simple exercises.
  • Armenian short sentences with their English translations and supporting exercises.
  • The world's first online Western Armenian dictionary (to learn and practice basic words).
  • A comprehensive reference chart of the Armenian alphabet (for print out).
  • A special exercise sheet to practice hand writing (for print out).
  • A list of Armenian language study resources and books.
  • A free Armenian font to download and use on your computer.

NOTE: You can support 'Hye Etch' by sending us Armenian related books. The books we receive will be used for research and further development of the 'Hye Etch' web site. Click  to see a list of the books currently available in the 'Hye Etch' library.Please don't send us a book we already have. Thank you.

To access the lessons, click on the button below and enter the following password - alflesmain/vishabakar
in the popup dialog box. Good luck and have fun!

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