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Hye Etch - The online book about "The Armenians"

By Hye Etch


y name is John Semerdjian and I would like to welcome you to 'Hye Etch'. For the past few years I've been exploring the Internet in search of Armenian related sites, a place where someone can go and learn about this proud nation - Their history, culture, religion, country, genocide, etc.

During my explorations, I came across few good Armenian sites and some not that good ones, which contained certain amount of material relating to a specific subject, but were presented in a poor and hard to read layout, with missing information and no quality pictures.

Most important of all, I did not come across a site where I could find information about all the above mentioned subjects in one place. A site that offered ease of navigation, good layout, quality pictures and factual literature. That's when I decided to create 'Hye Etch' (Armenian Page).

The 'Hye Etch' on-line book is a compilation of resources and material relating to Armenians and Armenia, written by educators, scholars and people who are experts in their own field. Its main aim is to introduce and educate both Armenians and non-Armenians about the history, arts, cultural, genocide and religion of this culturally advanced nation.

The 'Hye Etch' on-line book contains over 190 articles (about 860+ pages) and more than 550 quality images, and is constantly growing. 

'Hye Etch' is an independent, non-partisan web site with no links or affiliations with any religious, political or social organisation. I welcome all literary and artistic contributions (of Armenian nature) and will be more than happy to give credit to their authors and contributors.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for visiting and I am sure you will leave this site with a wealth of knowledge and pride. Don't forget to tell all your friends and relatives about 'Hye Etch'.

John Semerdjian
Webmaster & Creator of Hye Etch

Note: The material published on this site are copyright to their respective authors and may not be reused without their permission. For more details please read our Copyright information.

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How to navigate through Hye Etch?

he Hye Etch site is based on a conventional book format. The interface has the look and feel of an open book with bookmarks. The book is divided into five main chapters: The Armenians; Republic of Armenia; Armenian Genocide; Arts & Culture; and Religion. These chapters can be accessed by clicking on the bookmarks located at the top of the page. Each chapter is divided into subjects and is accompanied by pictures where possible.

A “Contents” page has been provided to give the reader a quick access to specific subjects and acts as a site map. To get to the “Contents” page, just click on the “Contents” bookmark situated at the bottom left corner of every page along with five other bookmarks, which are:

  • Home Page - The main Hye Etch welcome page.
  • Links - A page containing links to Armenian related sites.
  • Contact us - An online contact form to get in touch with us.
  • Guest Book - A page where you can write down your impressions about this site for others to read.
  • Credits - A page containing the names of everyone who had contributed to the development of this site, brief "Copyright" information and a new "Awards" section.
At the bottom right corner of almost every page is a set of page icons that indicate the number of pages available and “next” or “previous” arrows to help you navigate to the desired page.
. To start your adventure, please select a chapter from the bookmarks situated at the top of this page. 

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