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he Armenians, an ancient civilisation whose history is long, complex, and in many ways epic and heroic. The descendants of Aram the Brave and Haig the forefather and establisher of the first Armenian kingdom in third millennium BC. A nation who had Kings and Queens, Royal dynasties and a widespread Armenian empire in the first century BC. under King Tigran II the Great.

Armenians are the first nation to adopt Christianity as the official religion of their state (301 A.D.). Throughout the centuries they have been persecuted and harassed by neighbouring countries and empires, but through all the turbulence and foreign domination, however, Armenians created a rich and a colourful culture, their own alphabet and a socioeconomic structure that has allowed them to preserve their distinct way of life.

This chapter will introduce the reader to the history of the Armenian nation. You will learn about the five main Armenian Royal dynasties. Travel trough time and read the chronology of the Armenian history with the names of all the Armenian Kings and nobility. Get acquainted with the Armenian alphabet and read about the origins of the Armenian language.

People who are interested in literature can visit the "Literature" section and read Armenian stories, poems, proverbs, songs and jokes written by some of the greatest Armenian writers, or you can visit the "Prominent Armenians" section and learn about the Armenian individuals who had contributed and played an important part in the history of this nation.

The "Names" section will introduce the reader to the origins of the Armenian names with an extensive list of both personal and family names. You will also learn the Armenian names of animals, birds, flowers, fruits, vegetables and much more.

The "Character, Youth & Family" section will give the reader a good understanding of the Armenian character. Read about the interesting results from the Youth Survey conducted by 'Hye Etch', and have a light hearted look at the Armenian Family. These articles are meant to be a guide to better understand ourselves and help others (foreigners) understand us - The Armenians. 

Last but not least, visit the "Feasts and Traditions" section to learn about the meaning and the origin of the Armenian feasts and get acquainted with social traditions, hospitalities, songs and games practised by the people during these feasts. 

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